We’re here
to spread the love for
solar energy

Our aim

is to empower everyone
with knowledge on solar applicability

and provide a phenomenal customer
experience for every use case

To do it,
we constantly

Drive informative content through a variety of media,

Develop systems that make solar technology more accessible, and

Deliver thorough support to our customers throughout the process of generating solar electricity.

To bring sunshine into all aspects of all lives,
we’ve developed solutions for :

& Utilities


for homeowners, business owners, and institutions,
we develop and deliver

A solar calculator
to compute solar savings

A web auctioning system
to select from competing contractors in real time

Financing and quality supervision
to ensure efficient construction

Guidance during and post installation
to guarantee generation and savings


for personal, commercial, and industrial applications
we develop and deliver

A diverse range of products
designed and made in India:

torches and home lighting systems;
for traveling through and living in rural India.

cellphone charging station and bench with wifi;
for lighting public walking spaces with utilities.

off grid and transport cold storage;
for food storage in and transport through rural India.

And a whole bunch of other fun products.


for investors, large companies and
government organisations,
we develop and deliver

Turnkey solutions for power plant
development from scratch to
guaranteed generation.

An investor portal for
buying/selling development
opportunities and built power plants.